Storage, Storage, Storage


I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to show what Mike and I do during and outside of photographing weddings. Photographing a wedding is obviously the most important part of a job, but it's not the only piece of the puzzle!

We've recently purchased new CF and SD cards for our cameras! Although it doesn't sound exciting, being smart and safe with storage is incredibly important for any photographer.

When Mike and I photograph weddings we primarily use CF cards to store the photos we take. They're essentially a larger, faster version of an SD card. These ensure we can take as many photos as we like and as quickly as possible.

Our cameras also allow us to have an SD card in our cameras at the same time as the CF card and we use this to backup each and every photo we take. Should something happen to our CF cards for whatever reason we then have the SD card to save the day.

Where possible we also try to backup to a laptop or external hard drive part way through the day too just for piece of mind it's saved elsewhere external to the camera.

Getting you the photos we've captured on one of the biggest days of your lives is our number one priority so we try to take every step we can in making sure they're safe!