Charlotte and John

We've just finished up editing Charlotte and John's wedding for them. It was such a great day and considering the time of year and how the weather had been that week, they had such a nice and sunny day!

The occasion was at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk and it was simply beautiful.


Side view of Hengrave Hall

Side view of Hengrave Hall

Charlotte and John were so friendly and easy going. They were super nice to us on their day and were a pleasure to work with. We got there mid morning to photograph preparations and stayed until late in the evening to make sure we captured everything there was to document.

Charlotte and John were also the first couple to receive our new presentation box!

Stags were part of the theme of their wedding so we designed theirs with a stag theme on the box and USB stick. We also provided them with some prints of their day aswell as some other little surprises which they were very happy with.

Charlotte had this to say about us:

5 stars

"Would give more starters if possible! Cannot praise these guys enough everything we could ask for an more!"

Location Scouting


Venue Scouting

Mike and I have been really busy over the last few weeks photographing weddings, setting up photobooths, editing the photos, supplying newly weds with photos and scouting out venues.

Checking out venues before a wedding is incredibly important for several reasons.

Know where we're going

It’s the best way to know exactly where everything is. We’ve done scouting before and realised there’s two churches with the same name within 2 miles of each other, if we didn’t know this before we could easily end up at the wrong place!

Get the best backdrops for photos

We’ll often take several photos of the bride and groom around the ceremony venue and then move onto group shots if time permits it, so knowing the best places to take photos is key to keeping things moving at a steady pace.

It also gives you the time to really look around and find hidden gems you wouldn’t normally find if your first time seeing the venue is on the day.

Plan for the day

We already know when we’re expected to arrive at each venue on the day but by driving to each venue we have a better idea of time it takes to get to each location, is there parking at the venue or do we need to find a car park, side entrances and exits, where we should position for the ceremony and speeches etc.


A great example of the benefits of scouting out locations is a wedding we shot a couple of weeks ago…

We went to go see a church a couple of weeks back for an upcoming wedding. We checked around the church and to some test shots, checked for side entrances, what the lighting was like and where to take group shots outside.

Then we checked around the outside of the church grounds where we found a spot between the trees which had a great view of the church in the background:

Knowing about this potential great image meant on the day we could quickly take the bride and groom here for a quick photo, rather than guessing where might be best for photos. This resulted in the following image:

Storage, Storage, Storage


I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to show what Mike and I do during and outside of photographing weddings. Photographing a wedding is obviously the most important part of a job, but it's not the only piece of the puzzle!

We've recently purchased new CF and SD cards for our cameras! Although it doesn't sound exciting, being smart and safe with storage is incredibly important for any photographer.

When Mike and I photograph weddings we primarily use CF cards to store the photos we take. They're essentially a larger, faster version of an SD card. These ensure we can take as many photos as we like and as quickly as possible.

Our cameras also allow us to have an SD card in our cameras at the same time as the CF card and we use this to backup each and every photo we take. Should something happen to our CF cards for whatever reason we then have the SD card to save the day.

Where possible we also try to backup to a laptop or external hard drive part way through the day too just for piece of mind it's saved elsewhere external to the camera.

Getting you the photos we've captured on one of the biggest days of your lives is our number one priority so we try to take every step we can in making sure they're safe!